Auto & Cross-Correlation (Ando)


This analyser implements auto-correlation and cross-correlation of binaural recordings to derive the ACF/IACF parameters described by Yoichi Ando.
Input must be a 2-channel sound file and should be binaural. A-weighting is applied to the analysis data.


Auto-correlation parameters for left and right channels




Taue is the effective duration of the running autocorrelation function, defined by the delay time at which the envelope of the normalised ACF becomes 0.1, which is the tenth percentile delay time.

Cross-correlation parameters


This is the square root of the product


The interaural cross-correlation coefficient is the maximum absolute value of the normalised interaural-cross correlation function.


This is the lag time associated with the peak of the interaural cross correlation function, which can be used as an indicator of lateralization. A lag time of 0 indicates that the auditory image is centred.


This is the width of the interaural cross correlation function.

Left and right auto-correlograms


Code Authors

This analyser is based on code written by Shin-ichi Sato, which was adapted for PsySound3 by the PsySound3 team.

Key References

Y. Ando, 'Architectural Acoustics', Springer-Verlag, 1998.

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