Release Plan

We are currently planning to continue releasing the program via Assembla, and not providing a fixed release until further testing and development.

10th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, August 2008, Sapporo

A demonstration of PsySound3 will be included:
D. Cabrera, E. Schubert, F. Rizwi and S. Ferguson "Collecting continuous data in music and listeners: PsySound3 and RTCCR, two free resources"

Acoustics08, July 2008, Paris

A paper on PsySound3 will be presented in Session NS10 Sound Quality Tools and Applications
D. Cabrera, S. Ferguson, F. Rizwi and E. Schubert "PsySound3: a program for the analysis of sound recordings"
Tuesday 1 July 2008 room 253

14th International Conference on Auditory Display, June 2008, Paris

A paper introducing the concept of exploratory sound analysis will be presented:
S. Ferguson and D. Cabrera "Exploratory sound analysis: sonifying data about sound,"

Workshop 8th Feb 2008 at UNSW

This workshop was attended by people associated with the project and students who are likely to get involved in the project, mainly from Sydney.

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