The PsySound3 team

Densil Cabrera (University of Sydney)
Sam Ferguson (University of Sydney)
Farhan Rizwi (University of New South Wales)
Emery Schubert (University of New South Wales)


PsySound3 was developed with financial support from:
Australian Research Council LIEF grant LE0668448 and
The University of New South Wales via its Strategic Investment in Research Scheme.

The following additional people contributed to or supported the initial version of PsySound3:
Jens Brosbol, Josef Chalupper, Matt Flax, Dik Hermes, Shin-ichi Sato, Alex Tarnopolsky, Ernst Terhardt

The team gratefully acknowledges all those who gave permission to use their code in PsySound3.

Project copyright Densil Cabrera (University of Sydney) 2008
Code copyright remains with contributors.


This software comes as is, without implied or actual guarantee. Contributions of software are not all by the authors.

Citing PsySound3

The initial publication about this program is:
Densil Cabrera, Sam Ferguson and Emery Schubert, '"PsySound3: software for acoustical and psychoacoustical analysis of sound recordings,' Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Auditory Display, Montreal Canada, June 26-29 2007, pp. 356-363. Available from ICAD.

Project url: http://www.psysound.org

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